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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Science fiction Romance Teen drama. CBS Television Distribution. HDTV i. Meredith Averill. On September 17, , aliens known as Atrians crash-land on Earth , where humans' hostile reaction provokes them to defend themselves; a battle ensues. A six-year-old Emery finds Roman, an Atrian child who had escaped, hiding in her family's shed. She shelters and befriends him.

A short while later, the military finds them and shoots him.

Ten years pass. Emery returns to school after spending four years in hospital for immune deficiency. Officials announce that seven Atrians will attend her high school as part of an integration program. To help her terminally ill friend Julia, Emery joins her to hunt for the Atrians' Cyper, a plant rumored to cure the uncurable. They're unsuccessful. Emery learns that Roman, one of the seven Atrian students, is actually the boy from the shed.

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Eric and his friends attack Roman at school; Roman's friends plan to crash an upcoming party to return the favor. Drake attacks Eric. Police raid the party, but Roman evades them with Emery. In the final scene, Roman uses Cyper to heal Julia's cancer using the secret ingredient — his own blood. His father, Nox, is accidentally killed by Emery's father.

An explosion in the Sector injures some human guards. As Roman's family prepares for the funeral, their uncle Castor, visits. He wants to succeed Roman's father, Nox, as leader of the Atrians. Roman declines and asserts his birthright, becoming Iksen leader himself. At school, Roman avoids Emery after her father's accidental shooting of his own father.

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At a school board meeting, Emery defends the Atrians and petitions to allow them to attend the school's homecoming carnival. Roman attends reluctantly to protect Emery, who is being targeted by the Trags, an Atrian extremist group seeking vengeance for Nox's death.

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At the carnival, Roman stops the Trag assassin and discovers that he's actually an Atrian who's had his markings removed. The assassin, Beaumont, warns him that "they are watching him. Deran Sarafian. With the tenth anniversary of the Atrians' arrival looming, Gloria arranges for Emery's class to be allowed inside the Sector as a cultural exchange.

Despite Roman's objections, Emery participates, and recruits Grayson to document Atrians telling their Arrival Day stories. Roman asks Teri for Vire, a plant to eliminate Julia's side effects from being cured with Cyper. She refuses at first but later acquiesces when he's almost tortured by her mother, Vega — current leader of the Trags.

The Vire returns Julia to normal. During the commemoration ceremony, the Red Hawks replace Grayson and Emery's video with one broadcasting a hate-filled message. Roman gives an impromptu speech from the heart, saving the ceremony. Meanwhile, Drake, who has now joined the Trags, is assigned to break into the Atrian starship and retrieve a cube for Vega. Emery discovers that Grayson's parents are actually the leaders of the Red Hawks.

Vega reveals that the cube produces Black Cyper, a poison deadly to Atrians and humans alike. She kills Beaumont for being a traitor — he was seen reporting to Castor. Teri joins the Trags, and Gloria is revealed to be mother to an Atrian child. Harry Sinclair. Robert Hewitt Wolfe.

Sector guards ransack Roman's family's pod looking for restricted technology. When the guards leave, Roman's mother reveals she found a cell phone amongst his father's belongings. Roman asks Lukas to try getting any data he can from the phone. They retrieve a single video but are caught by Gloria, who destroys the data chip before they can watch it. Meanwhile, human students learn about Atrian biology — two sets of lungs and the ability to breathe through their skin. Sophia wants to join the swim team; Emery and Grayson support her. The rest of the team eventually agrees. Just before the swim meet begins, a member of the rival team tricks Sophia into ingesting caffeine, a deadly allergen for Atrians.

Sophia almost dies, but Emery saves her. The Atrian students and Marshall High swim team brawl with the other team until Gloria arrives with security.

The swim meet is cancelled, along with the rest of Marshall's swim season. However, Gloria praises them for fighting alongside each other for once against the rival team — it shows they're learning to work together.

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Emery and Grayson work out their issues and have their first kiss; Roman witnesses it from the Atrian bus. In the final scene, Gloria is watching the video from Nox's phone: it is of bath time with her son — whose father is Nox. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Learn more More Like This. Fortitude — Drama Horror Mystery. The Widow TV Series Hanna TV Series Action Drama. Goliath TV Series Bosch TV Series Crime Drama. Cardinal TV Series Crime Drama Mystery.

Absentia TV Series Sneaky Pete — Marcella TV Series Riviera TV Series Drama Thriller. Baptiste TV Series Crime Drama Thriller. The Killing — Edit Cast Series cast summary: Tim Roth Angela Worth 20 episodes, Abigail Lawrie Anna Worth 20 episodes, Christina Hendricks Elizabeth Bradshaw 15 episodes, Oliver Coopersmith Taglines: Vengeance in paradise. Language: English. Runtime: 60 min. Sound Mix: Stereo Dolby Atmos. Color: Color.